Process and Methods

The KSSWeb Approach

Whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise we try to adopt the proven client/partner model. This essentially means we work with our customers as a trusted consultant and service provider to their business.


As businesses are increasingly based on the web and with the speed the web is evolving customers benefit from our approach because they are buying a service that can provide solutions that can be developed, improved and extended in parallel with their requirements.


As a team we use modern responsive methods and toolkits which are a highly adaptive way to build web solutions. This works particularly well for internet sites which are often have a somewhat evolutionary development. We build from the ground up and in that way if a better solution is revealed or a design change is needed the modification can be made with ease.


A 20 second view of Agile-RAD

• Our client centric approach is a synthesis of Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Agile methods.

• Centred around the concept of ‘Time Boxes’ (TB) or phasing which allows regular checkpoints and client interaction.

• The team creates work packages from a client prioritised wish list called a product backlog.

• During planning, the team selects priority elements from the list, and works on implementing them

• At the end of each time box (TB) or phase, the work should be ready to show to a customer or stakeholder

• As each TB or phase ends it will be reviewed and completed elements are removed from the list

• As the next phase or time box begins, the team chooses a fresh set deliverables from the product backlog and begins working again.

• On larger multiple time-boxes can be run in parallel.


Benefits OF Agile-RAD

• High visibility of progress.

• Regular feedback from customer.

• Predictable rhythm.

• Measurable productivity (via burndown, velocity, etc.).

• Cross-functional, self-organising teams.

• Inspect and adapt.

• Low bureaucratic overhead (meetings, documentation, etc.).

• Emphasis on face-to-face communication.

Team Work and Project Management

Projects often use skills from a variety of different disciplines. For clients that can be a challenge to organise and plan. So while we are running your projects we can organise the various professionals required to make the project a success with the advantage that our regular team members often work together.



Ultimately it doesn't matter if we are running a small project or a larger program of work we will strive to achieve the best result we can for our clients and keep them informed every step of the way.


Process and Methods