KSSWeb Customer Rewards

Professional business people understand the value of helping and supporting each other. Let's face it, there is no guarantee for automatic success in modern business but KSSWeb is happy to announce that our new Customer Rewards are here to help.


Our generous Customer Reward Scheme is very simple, if you refer a new client to us and you will gain Reward Points and these reward points can be used to pay for some of the services we offer based on the spending of the referred customer.


These rewards are only available to Clients who have an active account with KSSWeb.


Rewards are only given if all invoices are paid and up to date.


Accounts that are over 30 days in arrears will have unused their rewards frozen until such time as the account is up to date.

Rewards are provided on the amount paid by the client.

Rewards can only be redeemed against goods or services offered by KSSWeb

Rewards have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed as cash or credit.


For example:


If you as a KSSWeb client introduce to us a new customer and that customer then purchases a new web site with hosting etc with a net of VAT cost of £1000 you will receive 100 reward points.

The reward points you receive can be redeemed for up to 50% of the value of a service.

You then decide that you would like to use some of those reward points for a new web page on your own site and the cost of that web page is priced at £100. You can then use 50 of your reward points to bring the price down to £50. Additionally you still have 50 reward points available that you might use towards your next years hosting charges.